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With modern technologies developing fast, many parents need more support, guidance, and mentoring to address the everyday challenges when raising their children.

With years of experience in supporting learning parents, the Skills4Parents project partners agreed on recognising that parents often struggle with common issues that are present in the everyday lives of families. The solution to this is in “upskillingparents, which leads to their better understanding of children’s needs and their mutual relationship. This will most probably lead to a better quality of life of families – children, but also parents themselves.

And all parents will need some kind of support at some stage of their parenting journey. While the creators of this platform are advocating for appropriate State support for parents to have access to the appropriate, resources, times and services to be able to fulfil their parenting role in the best environment possible, we also acknowledge the need to provide educational material for parents to develop certain specific skills and this is why we have come together to create this guide and the learning packages you can find on this platform.

I am a parent

The Online Platform includes the guide for the learning parents (5 learning packages) which you can find translated into many languages. 

A Learning Guide for Parents

The guide adopts a self-learning approach, allowing all learning parents to choose the content (tips, case studies, exercises) that they need to tackle the parenting challenges they are encountering at their own pace.

Developed through the expertise of 6 organisations and founded on values of human rights, non-discrimination, social inclusion, gender equality, intergenerational solidarity, and empowerment of all families, the Skills4Parents Learning Guide for parents contains learning packages to boost parenting skills in five areas: Communication, Empowerment, Mediation, Problem-Solving, and Digital. It was co-created with 50 parents and educators across 10 countries.

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Learning Packages

Share your tips, ideas, suggestions to boost positive parenting 

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