We developed a Handbook for professionals working with parents and families and wishing to help them work on their communication, empowerment, mediation, problem solving, and digital skills. In other words, this handbook is for professionals who wish to use the self-learning content of the Skills4Parents Learning Guide and integrate it into their work with parents and families.

With years of experience in supporting learning parents, the Skills4Parents project partners agreed on recognising that parents often struggle with common issues that are present in the everyday lives of families. The solution to this is in “upskilling” parents, which leads to their better understanding of children’s needs and their mutual relationship which can further lead to better quality of life of families – children, but also parents themselves. It provides parental support, which can be defined as the provision of services aimed at strengthening the skills and abilities of parents so that they can adequately care for their children and meet their physical, emotional and social needs.

And all parents will need some kind of support at some stage of their parenting journey. While the creators of this guide are advocating for appropriate State support for parents to have access to the appropriate, resources, times and services to be able to fulfil their parenting role in the best environment possible, we also acknowledge the need to provide educational material for parents to develop certain specific skills and this is why we have come together to create this guide.

The Handbook

The Handbook contains further explanations on how to transform the content of the Skills4Parents Learning Guide into training with a suggested learning plan for each of the learning packages, containing a mix of development activities, practicing activities, and activities for the evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired. You will also find some tips on how to conduct training for parents and families – everything you need to get inspired and integrate the Skills4Parents learning into your activities!

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