User Manual


This manual aims to guide learning parents and professionals on how to use the online platform of the S4P project.

The online platform features a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface, so users can easily find what they are looking for without having to endlessly scroll through pages and links. An accessibility option can be used to change the contrast, text size, etc. of the platform. Users can find it on the right-hand side of the online platform. 

Additionally, the online platform is translated and available in 23 languages!

(While we cannot manually translate the website into all EU languages, we have an automatic translation button that approximately translates the information on the website into your own language, allowing you to capture the main messages and benefit from all the learning materials.)

Users can simply click on the bottom left-hand side and change the language. See below:

The S4P online platform hosts the learning guide for learning parents which includes five learning packages (You can find the learning guide here) for learning parents and also the handbook for professionals (You can find the handbook here).

The User Interface

Upon entering the platform, a user can immediately start their self-learning journey. While navigating the home page a user can identify the following sections:

  • 1

    Basic information for the S4P project
  • 2

    Form to share your tips, ideas, and suggestions to boost positive parenting!

Users based on their profession (learning parents or professionals) can click on the navigation menu to access the content (learning guide or handbook). 

About the project

The first page of the online platform is the ‘About us’ page. Which includes the aims & objectives of the online platform, the link for the S4P website, and the contact details for the consortium. 

For Learning Parents

Learning Parents can use the navigation menu and click on the ‘Learning Parents‘ page to access the learning guide.

Users (learning parents) can download the learning guide in 6 different languages (English, French, Italian, Croatian, Greek, and Dutch).”

Then a list of the five learning packages (which are included also in the learning guide) will appear and the learning parents can have a look!

“Learning parents can go through the self-learning content for each learning package which includes tips, case studies, exercises, etc.

At the end of each learning package, a self-assessment quiz is developed for learning parents based on the content of the learning package. Click the ‘Start‘ button to test your knowledge after each learning package. 

For Professionals 

Professionals working with parents can use the navigation menu and click on the ‘Professionals‘ page to learn more about the handbook and download it.

Users (professionals) can download the handbook in 6 different languages (English, French, Italian, Croatian, Greek, and Dutch).


Users (both learning parents & professionals ) can click on the ‘Community‘ page which includes testimonials from parents and adult educators who participated in the project’s focus groups in all partner countries at the very beginning of the project.

Additionally, on the ‘Community‘ page users can find the details to join the European community for parent empowerment.

Contact us

Lastly, on the “Contact us” page users can find all the relevant contact details needed in order to get in touch with the members of the consortium.

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